vendredi 20 février 2009

PoshBoard 0.4 : webcast on the Techdays 2009 version

Version française disponible ici

Here is the webcast of the PoshBoard 0.4 edition presented at the french Techdays 2009

PoshBoard 0.4 Techdays 2009 edition from Antoine Habert on Vimeo.

Important : Go FULLSCREEN and choose HD mode for a good experience !

Agenda :

1) a presentation of the basis of PoshBoard (01:23)
2) Demo on the classic controls (08:12)
3) PowerShell web service with WCF (12:59)
4) new widgets : blacklight, mitsu flipbook control (16:03)
5) the features envisionned for PoshBoard V1 (27:24)

Have fun !

jeudi 19 février 2009

Poshboard 0.4 video available today

Just a short notice to tell you that the webcast on the Techdays poshboard version is done !

Some video processing and upload on Vimeo is required, so this video should be available today.

edit : The webcast is available here

vendredi 13 février 2009

Back From Techdays 2009

It was a real pleasure to present PoshBoard yesterday : Great room, great public, and nearly none "Demo Effect" bugs :)

You missed this event ?
You want to understand what was said without learning French ?
Don't want to wait for the Techdays webcast ?

You're definitevely Lucky !

I'll post next week an English webcast that present the last version of poshboard with the widgets presented at this Techdays Session. You'll see brand new silverlight widgets in action, learn what "PoshBoard V1" will be like, benefits of PowerShell webservices for Poshboard...

Don't miss this webcast and stay tuned to Devinfra-us !

mardi 3 février 2009

Dashboard in Dashboard : Techdays, Blacklight, new PoshBoard version

I’ll present next week a session on Powershell adn PoshBoard at the French Techdays 2009. I’ll talk about the last development of PoshBoard and new features.

More info here

What is scheduled ?

Creation from scratch of a dashboard page on Active Directory, Exchange and Windows 2008, in 10 minutes

PowerShell and webservices : how to use powershell directly from within Silverlight control in PoshBoard ?

New widgets based on the great Blacklight controls :


Yes, this is dashboard in dashboard :)

We’ll discover how to build the widget above in only 4 lines of PowerShell code.

This new version of poshboard will be available just after at codeplex, and several videos in english will be published on how to use, build and share widgets/pages with the coming PoshBoard 1.0 !

More news after the Techdays ;)