lundi 2 mars 2009

PoshBoard 0.4 is out !

I'm pleased to tell you that you can now download the last version of PoshBoard 0.4

Another good news : this is the last 0.x version of PoshBoard. Now we target the V1 !

Now that things are clear, there'll be a massive refactoring of the code to meet the objectives. A lot of things will be simplified/optimized in order to gives you an enjoyable experience.

But let's talk about this released version :

In this "0.4", you'll be able to test the new widgets based on Blacklight and Silverlight book control

It reintroduce the refresher widgets, and a new refresh feature in the header, to refresh (or not) all your script with a single click.

This is of course still beta and a lot of things aren't as smart as they could be, but you'll be able to see what V1 will be like and the way things are getting together.

I'll post several tutorial on this version and how to use it. You have sample scripts available on codeplex.

Enjoy !

fell free to comment this new release

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