jeudi 30 avril 2009

Poshboard v1 : Technical preview 1

Poshboard v1 development is going well and the the first release should be available in june. 

Several Beta will be available in the meantime, I will also publish "technical preview" videos before this release.

Here is a first video presenting you different topics (go fullscreen for HD) :

I'll present the following functionnalities :

1) "Live update" with WCF push server mode.

Poshboard now use the polling duplex feature of WCF that let us refresh dynamically script results in widgets (string output, charts, datagrids...). 

2) Poshboard Tester widget

This widget use this push server mode et let you test your scripts. You'll see different examples and you'll discover a first preview of statistic mode.

3) Poshboard Powershell Snapin : Chart object

Poshboard will provide several PowerShell snapins to enhance the experience. This first series of cmdlets let you design and debug your charts widgets, and permit widget objet creation directly in a standard PowerShell console. Pipeline, objet visualization will ease the development process.

Feel free to share your feelings and suggestions on the Poshboard Forum ! Your feedback will help me finalize the portal ;)

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