jeudi 11 juin 2009

Poshboard Beta 1 rev 3 available

an updated version of the Beta 1 of Poshboard is available on codeplex here

Changelog :
[CHANGED] default widgets height to 400 px
[CHANGED] Widgets icons and order in add stuff menu
[ADDED] 3 new properties to Chart Widgets : AnimationEnabled and scrollerenabled for PBChart, LineTickness for PBDataSerie

AnimationEnabled can be set to true for animation (works only for "shot" update, play update disable this boolean)
ScrollerEnabled enable or disable the scroller in chart (now disable by default): if you disable this property, chart will "fit"
your current control (Datapoint bar/column... size will change dynamically)

LineTickness : change the tickness of line in charts (1 for smallest line)

[ADDED] 1 new property to Datagrid : ShowGroupPanel (Boolean)

Enable or disable the top group panel (for datagrid filtering)

[ADDED] FlipBook Widget
[ADDED] BlackLight Dashboard Widgets

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