vendredi 9 octobre 2009

PoshBoard 2.0.1027 available

What's new in this version ?
Update 2.0.1027 (9th October 2009)
[ADDED] “Dynamic Update” mode: when writing scripts, if Dynamic mode is set to off, the page isn't refreshed

in real time
[ADDED] KeyBoard shortcut for Dynamic Update mode: CTRL+U to enabled/disable this feature
[MODIFIED] Management layout
[ADDED] LiveUpdate settings for users in ConfigFile, you can manage this in the PoshBoard Configuration page
[MODIFIED] Default impersonation for SuperAdmins set to False
[ADDED] Two new buttons to Move Portals in list (Up/down)
[ADDED] New embedded Samples

Warning :

This new release add an attribute to users/groups in the config file. Older config file won't work with this version.

Simply Copy/paste your old script in the new config file, or add this attribute to every user/group :


Example :
LiveUpdate="True" />

You can use CTRL+U ShortCut to Enable or Disable the fact that PoshBoard send your script to the WCF Service when you stop typing (cool when you doesn't type as fast as you want :) )


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