lundi 25 août 2008

PoshBoard 0.3 is out !

Update : sources are now available at codeplex, user guide to follow...

Coding can be really, really fun ! all is getting nicely and I'm pleased to present you the version 0.3.0 of PoshBoard on Codeplex.

What's New ?
  1. Based on Dropthings 1.7.0 : database is now included in the project, using SQL 2005 Express is now easy !
  2. Added a Silverlight Datagrid widget
  3. Added a DevExpress AgDatagrid widget (great open source silverlight control)
  4. Added PowerShell standard output

What's missing ?

Well, a lot of things are coming ! first the source code.. but others widgets are ready to strike. I'm now working on cleaning up the code, making more error handling in PowerShell, Transform the Visifire PowerShell code...

...there's some nice surprises coming soon, stay tuned to my blog for more info !

How to use it ?

(Updated) now a user guide is available at codeplex ! Read it to learn how tu install/configure the website or Visual studio project (with visual and visual express), and how to use the widgets !

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