mercredi 19 novembre 2008

New version of PoshBoard coming soon !

Some news about PoshBaord :

Development is ongoing of course ! :), a bit delayed by professionnal constraints.

With the release of Silverlight 2.0 and upcoming Dropthings 1.8.0, a new version of PoshBoard will be available shortly :

So, what's coming ?

Update with Silverlight 2.0 and Dropthings 1.8.0, with addional features :

  • You'll be able to create dynamic widgets based on ironPyhon ! on the fly customisation with ironpython code or with a little gadget designer !
  • You'll be able to import and export custom widgets ! We'll be able to share widgets with the community
  • New widgets based on Silverlight control toolkits

Your inputs, suggestions are as always very usefull, please give me your feedback !

News coming soon, stay tuned.

4 commentaires:

micmit a dit…

I presume, I can't try the current version of PoshBoard unless roll back to Silverlight Beta 2. Just curious you show Silverlight in a widget which you probaly wrote for PoshBoard. Is it supposed to support widget resizing/maximizing which will be introduced in Dropthings v1.8

Antoine Habert a dit…

Yes you're right, there's slight update to do in order to use SL2 components, this will be available in the next version.

Widgets WILL support resizing/maximizing of dropthings 1.8, this point will be addressed in a post on my blog cause I think it's an interesting relationship between and silverlight.

Hank_TN a dit…

Antoine, thanks for's really awesome!!

I wondered if you could tell me if a page can be made shared content that is only editable by the original author or a designated user role?



Antoine Habert a dit…

Hi Hank,

thanks for your interest in PoshBoard.

Theres isn't a direct function to do this, cause PoshBoard database doesn't handle creator name. But you have several way to do this that need some coding :

The simplest (not the absolute secured one) should be to put a condition on the display of the edit button, based on groups.

But by default Dropthings isn't designed for "page sharing" across multiple user, but that's something I plan to implement soon.

I'm still working on new features and wait for the next version of dropthings to release future PoshBoard.