mardi 30 décembre 2008

PoshBoard v0.3.5 Released ! Compatible with Silverlight 2.0 Final


Here is my first good resolution for 2009 : 
Releasing a new version of PoshBoard !

PoshBoard v0.3.5 is now available at codeplex just here

What's New ?

  • -PoshBoard is now fully compatible with silverlight 2.0 Final
  • -Updated to last version of AgDatagrid (December 2008 release) and visifire (2.0.5 Beta) 
  • -BugFix in datagrid generation
  • -New edit feature for visifire charts : you can now select the type of charts and define Charts name in the Edit Section. 
important : to draw a chart, you now need to pass one or several hashtables to the built-in "out-visifire" function 


  • -The user guide is updated with last information to ease your installation : read it carefully

Another good news : great support for poshboard !

Jeffrey Snover (Creator of PowerShell) has posted two really cool articles about PoshBoard and HashTable generation on the PowerShell Team Blog : you can read them here and here.

Thank you Jeffrey for your support on this project !

Happy new Year to all of you !

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