vendredi 22 juillet 2011

PowerWPF: PowerShell WPF project template

I've just posted PowerWPF at codeplex:

The goal of this project is to ease the creation of WPF application for PowerShell people, that are absolute beginners in WPF development. We took care of all the PowerShell management functions (asynchronous calls, pipeline/runspace creation, etc...), leaving only the easiest way to call PowerShell engine and get its output. you just need to create your UI using Visual studio, either by drag n drop or by XAML code, add a few lines of C# code and you're done.

I'll post a tutorial in the coming days.

2 commentaires:

Aet a dit…

This sounds awesome. Even better than the community edition of Primal Forms.

Antoine Habert a dit…


we use it internally and get pretty good feedbacks so far, I Hope this will prove to be useful for the PowerShell Community.

The nicest feature imho is the ability to create single exe file without external component > clean and ready to use.

If people ask it, we could deliver a .NET 2.0/Winforms version, but I found XAML design so much better and enjoyable to do that I hope people will stick to XAML :)