mardi 7 février 2012

PowerShell GUI Designer: add some GUI to your scripts


"GUI for PowerShell, DAFUQ ?" yeah, we are PowerShell guys/girls, we love command line. But there's always a moment when we need to create a GUI for a script, either with PoshBoard or ShowUI.

We know that creating a GUI can be a pain in the *ss, even if you're a smart .NET WPF/Silverlight or WinRT developper.

Rejoice ! with our free online PowerShell GUI Builder, you'll be able to create simple or complex GUI with a WYSWYG editor. It renders dynamically PowerShell scripts, for PoshBoard or ShowUI.
Try it now! still in Alpha but functionnal :

You can install it offline (Out Of Browser) and use it whenever you want.

There's still bugs and missing features, let us know if you encounter issue or if you have ideas to enhance it.

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