lundi 7 juillet 2008

PowerShell Dashboard : ASP.NET, Silverlight and PowerShell in a shaker !

Update : People asked me a preview of Poshboard to play with it : so be it ! A preview is now available on codeplex here, or follow this link :

Here's a little video of my "coming soon" open source project called "PowerShell Dashboard" (PoshBoard for friends). This project will be available soon on the open source forge of my company Octo Technology.

The goal of this project is to deliver modular web portal based on PowerShell. The idea is to use Web GUI like igoogle, PageFlakes or Netvibes, for IT Admin and infrastructure management.

This will let you easely build infrastructure dashboards without the need to code in ASP.NET / AJAX / C# or other compiled language :

All you need to know is scripting
All you need to have is imagination.

This project is based on Dropthings, a great ASP.NET/AJAX open source project by Omar Al Zabir, turned to an intranet project.

For this first teaser, I show you a first widget to generate Silverlight charts directly fom PowerShell scripts. I've used Chart generation (Column, pie...) with the great Silverlight charting library VISIFIRE (free and open source too)

This first demonstation presents the general concept of the web portal. It'll be freely available in the coming weeks. Then I'll propose several componants and innovations that will let you have much fun with PowerShell development ! :)

Here is the vidéo :

PowerShell Dashboard Web Portal Presentation from pilosite on Vimeo.

This video is in the HD Ready Format (1280x720), I strongly recommand you to click on the HD icon after launching the video to see it in full resolution (you can then go to full screen).

You can also click here and select full screen. Last but not least, you can also directly download it from this link !

Oh, by the way, forgive my exotic english, hope you'll understand everything, I try to do my best ! :)

Questions ? Ideas ? you can contact me by mail by clicking here.

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Lance Robinson a dit…

This is beautiful

Andy a dit…

Excellent !
Highly recommended to any
interested in PowerShell.